About us


The Pillow Fluffer is a multifaceted design studio that prides itself In exploring the many dimensions of Interior Design, Architecture and arts and crafts. We aim to make design more accessible by simplifying it for all to engage with and appreciate. The Pillow Fluffer, also known as TPF,  began in 2017 as a platform that celebrated design content  by  sharing our appreciation with other Design enthusiasts. As TPF began to grow as a brand we began to become a lot more intentional about sharing more on design from the events we attended to the discovery of new and very talented local designers.  Today, with over 10 years experience in the Interior design industry we now run as a full Design Studio offering Interior Design, Interior Styling and Content Creation.

With the rapid growth of the dependency on technology it was a natural progression to look into providing Virtual Interior Design services. This is a great opportunity for design lovers that want to be more involved with the design process of their space as well as clients who want to make changes to their space in stages. This service allows you to take your time designing your space while having the guidance of a qualified designer or stylist on speed dial.


Lungile Nkosi. Founder, Creative Director & Head Decor Stylist.

Án artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”                     -James Whistler

If asked, do I think of  myself as an artist, I would say without a shadow of a doubt. I consider all Interior Decorators and Designers artists. Having the ability to take just a thought and turn it into something tangible by means of styled spaces  makes me an undeniable artist. My love for Interior spaces began as early as I can remember. Greatly inspired by my late Grandmother’s love for the finer things in life especially when it came to her home and a Grandfather who had a deep appreciation for art, becoming an Interior Decorator was inevitable. I find great joy and satisfaction in being able to take empty lifeless spaces and giving them personality. Coupled with the priviledge of working for various creative companies from fashion to media and finally Interior Designing. My creativity has begun to soar showing no signs of slowing down. 

Welcome to my love, The Pillow Fluffer. I hope it will make as much of an impact in your life as it has in mine.