The Pillow Fluffer CSI Project

Join in to make a change

The Pillow Fluffer team has put our creative minds and talents together to make a significant change in the lives of the less fortunate. We have chosen The Princess Alice Adoption Home which houses over 30 babies aged newborn to 3+ years old. We hold this home very dear to our hearts as it is a safe haven for the little lives in our community who wait to be placed in loving homes. PAAH was established in 1930. This home has been offering a safe space for babies for 90 years and is in need of some creative upliftment.  Keep scrolling for more details on how you can get involved.


Princess Alice Adoption Home (PAAH) is a temporary place of safety which provides 24 hour residential care to babies who have been consented for adoption, abandoned or occasionally removed from family care.

We care for 30 babies and toddlers (aged newborn to two years old) in a healthy and loving nursery environment.

The home is also a safe haven for up to four pregnant girls who are destitute or in crisis. While at the home, the birth moms are counselled and helped to decide whether to keep their baby or consent for adoption. We ensure that they receive antenatal care and are supported throughout the birth experience.

“Art is a place for children to trust their ideas, themselves and explore what is possible.”
-Maryann F. Kohl

As creatives I believe children should be exposed and surrounded by art as early as possible, it is imperative to their development. Art is the gateway to a world beyond ones imagination, a world that knows no limits.
Lungile nkosi,
creative director & Interior Stylist


As a company, The Pillow Fluffer focuses mainly on home improvements which is why this project is aimed at renovating the home. Our wish list includes everything from small improvements like: paint work;  adding curtains or blinds as well as  upholstery work and changing of light bulbs to a much bigger renovation like: a kitchen revamp, new flooring and extra storage. This project will run on donations  alone so your involvement would be highly appreciated.


Making this home colourful , bright and a playful for the kids is as important to us as making it functional. We call on artist and illustrators to dive into their inner child and help us bring the walls to life with fun and educational illustrations. PAAH supports 75% black and disadvantaged children so we need positive representation of  black creatives to show infinite possibility through art


Running a children’s home can be very challenging due to their daily nutritional and hygiene needs. The children at PAAH are in constant need of your donations to keep the home operate smoothly for these children. See the PAAH donation wish list


Send through your cash donations to:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Library Gardens, Johannesburg
Branch Code: 001005
Account Name: Princess Alice Adoption Home
Account Number: 000 788 910

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